I’ve had the privilege of supervising and working with the following PhD students, research engineers, and MSc & BSc students:


Heydar Soudani, Radboud University, 2023-current
      Topic: Knowledge-enriched Conversational AI
     Co-advisor: Evangelos Kanoulas, Promoter: Arjen de Vries

Mohanna Hoveyda, Radboud University, 2023-current
            Topic: Knowledge-enriched Conversational AI
           Co-advisor: Maarten de Rijke, Promoter: Arjen de Vries

IFan Lin, (co-supervisor), Leiden University, 2023-current
      Topic: Domain Adaptation for Conversational AI
     Main advisor: Suzan Verberne

Roxana Petcu, (co-supervisor), University of Amsterdam, 2023-current
      Topic: Text-based Data Augmentation for Conversational AI
       Main advisor: Evangelos Kanoulas

Hideaki Joko, Radboud University, 2020-current
            Topic: Conversational Entity Search
            Promoter: Arjen de Vries

Emma Gerritse, Radboud University, 2019-current
            Topic: Knowledge Graph embeddings
            Promoter: Arjen de Vries

Research Engineers:

– Erik Tjong Kim Sang (from Netherlands eScience Center), 2022-current
       Topic: REL 2.0 -Multilingual and Multipurpose Entity Linking Toolkit

– Stef Smeets (from Netherlands eScience Center), 2022-current
       Topic: Efficient REL (Radboud Entity Linker)

MSc. and BSc. theses

– Arne Wittgen, (BSc), Zero- and Few-Shot Entailment-based Relation Extraction for Conversations, Radboud University, 2022

– Joost Besseling (MSc), Investigation of sentiment analysis models on restaurant reviews, Radboud University, 2022

– Josip Koprčina, (MSc), Query Re-writing for Conversational Search, Radboud University, 2022

– Jeftha Spunda, (MSc), Entity-aware Entity Retrieval, Radboud University, 2021

– Stergios Morakis, (MSc), Entity Linking for Greek, Radboud University, 2021

– Gizem Aydin, (MSc), Entity linking in funding domain, Radboud University, 2021

Marnix Dessing, (MSc),  Radboud University (in collaboration with ASML), 2021

– Hermen van Westen, (BSc), Effect of Surface Form Dictionary on Effectiveness of Entity Linking, Radboud University, 2021

Simge Ekiz, Sentence Level Event Classification in Newspaper Articles, Radboud University, 2020

Tino Hakim Lazreg,  Entity Retrieval through Entity Annotated Corpus, NTNU, 2015 

MSc. internships

– Nina Eerdewijk, Radboud University (with Textmetrics), 2022

– Denise Meerkerk, Radboud University (with Alliander), 2022

– Reza Shokrzad, Radboud University (with Henkel), 2022

– Niels van Nistelrooij, Radboud University (with Hammer B.V.), 2021

– Honghong Zhu, Radboud University (with Textmetrics), 2021

– Ron Hommelsheim, Radboud University, 2021

– Filip Slijkhuis, Radboud University (with NS), 2021

– Veerle van Winden, Radboud University (with Svalbard University), 2021

– Stijn Vromans, Radboud University (with, 2021

– Joost Besseling, Radboud University (with Impacter), 2021

– Aucke Bos, Radboud University (with Menzis), 2021

Gizem Aydin, (MSc), Radboud University (with Elsevier), 2021

Mick van Hulst, Radboud University, 2020