This is the list of my activities on teaching and supervision.

Lecturer and course coordinator

Information Retrieval, Radboud University, 2019- current

Invited lecturer

Advances in Information Retrieval, SIKS course, “Knowledge graphs & semantic search”, 7-9-2019
Information Retrieval, Radboud University, “Search Over Knowledge Bases”, 13-11-2017

Foundations of Information Retrieval, University of Twente, “Entity Search Over Knowledge Bases”, 11-10-2017
Web Search and Data Mining, University of Stavanger
       – “Entity Linking”, 08-11-2016, 09-11-2016 
       – “Entity Linking in Queries”, 10-11-2015

Teaching assistant

– Information Retrieval, NTNU, Fall 2014, 2015
Data Modeling and Database Management Systems, NTNU, Spring 2014, 2015, 2016
Operating Systems, NTNU, Fall 2013

Student advising:


Hideaki Joko, (daily supervisor), Radboud University, 2020-current
       Promoter: Arjen de Vries
Emma Gerritse, (co-supervisor), Radboud University, 2019-current
      Promoter: Arjen de Vries

MSc. and BSc theses

Gizem Aydin, (MSc), Radboud University (in collaboration with Elsevier), 2021
– Stergios Morakis, (MSc), Radboud University, 2021
Marnix Dessing, (MSc),  Radboud University (in collaboration with ASML), 2020-2021
– Hermen van Westen, (BSc), Radboud University, 2020-2021
Simge Ekiz, Radboud University, 2019-2020
Tino Hakim Lazreg,  NTNU, 2015 

MSc. internship

– Filip Slijkhuis, Radboud University (in collaboration with NS), 2020-2021
– Veerle van Winden
, Radboud University (in collaboration with Svalbard University), 2020-2021
– Stijn Vromans, Radboud University (in collaboration with Bol.com), 2020-2021
Gizem Aydin, (MSc), Radboud University (in collaboration with Elsevier), 2020-2021
Mick van Hulst, Radboud University, 2019-2020