Awards and grants


Best short paper honorable mention award
The 40th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR), 2017

– Best paper honorable mention award
The ACM SIGIR International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval (ICTIR), 2016

– First place student support award
The Balisage 2014 conference, 2014


NWA-ORC grant for our proposal “LESSEN: Low Resource Chat-based Conversational Intelligence” (540K Euros out of the 4.6M Euros total amount). The grant is awarded to a consortium of 11 academic and industrial partners; see here for details.

– Grant from the Netherlands eScience Center for my proposal “REL 2.0: Multi-lingual and Multi-purpose Entity Linking Toolkit” (140K Euros in-kind); see here for details.

– Co-recipient of a PhD position for the MIHRacle project from the Radboud AI for health ICAI lab – PIs Arjen de Vries and Bram van Ginneken.

– ACM SIGIR travel grant to attend the SIGIR 2017 conference

– ACM SIGIR travel grant to attend the ICTIR 2016 conference

– NTH travel grant for PhDs, May 2016

– ACM SIGIR travel grant to attend ICTIR 2015 conference

– Travel grant to attend Grace Hopper Celebration of Women (GHC) 2015, Women leadership program, IDI, NTNU

– Travel grant to attend the Balisage conference, August 2014