Entity Linking  in Queries – Methods
All the resources developed for our paper Entity Linking in Queries: Efficiency vs. Effectiveness. [code, data, runs]

Entity Linking integrated Retrieval
All the resources developed for our paper “Exploiting Entity Linking in Queries for Entity Retrieval”. [code, data, runs]

– TAGME reproducibility
All the resources developed for our paper “On the reproducibility of  the TAGME Entity Linking System”. [code, data, runs, qrels]

– Entity Linking in Queries
Test collections, evaluation metrics and run files for  our paper “Entity Linking in Queries: Tasks and Evaluation”. [code, data, runs]

– Multilingual Question Answering System for Travel Planning
A multi-lingual question-answering system for transportation domain, which can be connected to online transport services. The system is adaptable to users needs and allows users’ to personalize the application (i.e. conversions) for their own needs. [code]

– Persian Grammar for Multilingual Systems
Persian grammar written in GF that can parse and generate Persian texts.  The grammar provides translation of Persian texts to several other languages simultaneously. [code available upon request]

– Javalette Compiler
Complete compiler for Javalette with front end, and both JVM and LLVM back end implementations. [code available upon request]

Selected industrial projects

– Web-based Automation System of Municipality
A web based application that collects all civic affairs data in a large database and provides an integrated system for municipality related tasks. The database and query processing approaches handle large amount of data.

– IP Sniffer
A sniffer that captures TCP/IP packages and extracts packets coming from different sources. [code]