32903007104_5f15af3426_o1-e1491329857218 2I am an assistant professor of information retrieval at the Institute of Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) at the Radboud University. My primary research interest lies in utilizing knowledge graphs for semantic search tasks.  From the technical point of view, I often apply machine learning techniques to both textual and non-textual data.

Before joining iCIS, I was working at ASML, researching and developing machine learning solutions for the IC manufacturing industry. I obtained my PhD in Computer and Information Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), under the supervision of prof.  Krisztian Balog and prof. Svein Erik Bratsberg.  In 2013, I was an intern at Yahoo! lab Barcelona, working on cross domain entity disambiguation.

Research interests:
Information retrieval;  Semantic search; Machine learning


– March 8: Invited talk at Glasgow IR group on “entity linking in documents and conversations”
– Jan 2021:
I will serve as the general chair of ICTIR 2021 conference

– June 2020: Paper accepted at ICTIR 2020 “Bias in Conversational Search: The Double-Edged Sword of the Personalized Knowledge Graph”

– April 2020:
Paper accepted at SIGIR 2020 “REL: An Entity Linker Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”

– January 2020:
I will serve as Proceedings chair of ICTIR 2020 Conference 

– December 2019: Paper accepted at ECIR 2020 “Graph-Embedding Empowered Entity Retrieval”

November 2019: Becoming a mom to our son Ilya <3

September 2019: Our MIHRacle project has started as part of AI Health Lab, in collaboration with RadboudUMC

– August 2019:
 Paper accepted at IEEE Access journal “GridVoronoi: An Efficient Spatial Index for Nearest Neighbour Query Processing”

– April 2019:
Joined the data science group of iCIS  at the Radboud University as an assistant professor

– March 2019: 
Patent filed “Apparatus and method for property joint interpolation and prediction”

– March 2019:
Patent filed “Extracting a Feature from a Dataset”

– August 2018: Paper accepted at CIKM ’18 “Query Understanding via Entity Attribute Identification”

– August 2018: Paper accepted at IAL@ECML ’18 “Towards interactive Feature Selection with Human-in-the-loop”

– June 2018: Paper accepted at Information Retrieval Journal “Identifying and Exploiting Target Entity Type Information for Ad Hoc Entity Retrieval”

– June 2018: The first industrial paper is accepted at EMLC ’18 “Towards Fab Cycle Time Reduction by Machine Learning based Overlay Metrology”