I am working as a data scientist at ASML, where I use machine learning in the semiconductor industry. Together with a large number of physicists, computer scientists, and mathematicians, we push Moore’s law at ASML.

Prior to this, I was a PhD research fellow at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), under the supervision of Prof. Svein Erik Bratsberg and Prof. Krisztian Balog (University of Stavanger).   I was a member of Information Access and Interaction (IAI) group at the University of Stavanger. My PhD research on information retrieval and semantic search systems has received several awards, including  the best paper honorable mention award at the ICTIR 2016 conference and the best short paper honorable mention award at the SIGIR 2017 conference.

Research interests:
Machine learning, Information retrieval;  Semantic searchStructural indexing; Computational linguistics


–  August 2018: Paper accepted at CIKM ’18 “Query Understanding via Entity Attribute Identification”

– August 2018: Paper accepted at IAL@ECML ’18 “Towards interactive Feature Selection with Human-in-the-loop”

– June 2018: Paper accepted at Information Retrieval Journal “Identifying and Exploiting Target Entity Type Information for Ad Hoc Entity Retrieval”

– June 2018: Our first paper at ASML is accepted at EMLC ’18 “Towards Fab Cycle Time Reduction by Machine Learning based Overlay Metrology”

– December 2017: Short paper accepted at ECIR ’17 “Towards a Unified Supervised Approach for Ranking Triples of Type-like Relations

–  August 2017: Received the best short paper honorable mention award at SIGIR ’17

– July 2017: Gave a talk at DB/HMI colloquium at University of Twente

– June 2017: Gave a talk on semantic search at Search Engine Amsterdam (SEA) meetup

April 2017: 1 full and 3 short papers are accepted at SIGIR ’17, visit the publication page