I am Faegheh Hasibi, a PhD candidate at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). I am working on information retrieval and semantic search under the supervision of Prof. Svein Erik Bratsberg and Prof. Krisztian Balog (University of Stavanger) .

My research is focused on semantic and entity-oriented search using knowledge bases. Specifically, main goal is to improve various tasks of entity-oriented search such as query understanding,  entity linking, retrieval, and summarization.

Research interests:

 Information retrieval;  Semantic search; Machine learning; Structural indexing; Computational linguistics

Recent news

– April. 2016: Paper accepted at SIGIR ’17 “Dynamic Factual Summaries for Entity Cards”

– April. 2016:
3 short papers (including a demo) accepted at SIGIR ’17, visit the publication page

– Dec. 2016: Paper accepted at ECIR ’17 “Entity Linking in Queries: Efficiency vs. Effectiveness”

– Sep. 2016: Received the best paper honorable mention award at ICTIR ’16

– July 2016:  Paper accepted at ICTIR ’16 “Exploiting Entity Linking in Queries for Entity Retrieval”

– April 2016:  Started research visit at the University of Stavanger (UiS)

– Dec. 2015:  Paper accepted at ECIR ’16 “On the reproducibility of TAGME Entity Linking system”

– July 2015:  Paper accepted at ICTIR ’15 “Entity Linking in Queries: Tasks and Evaluation”

– May 2015: Received travel grant to attend GHC ’15,  women leadership program, NTNU

– Aug 2014: Received the best place student support award at the Balisage conference

– May 2014: Paper accepted at the Balisage conference, “Non-hierarchical structures: …

– Oct. 2013: Started internship at Yahoo! research lab, Barcelona, Spain

– March 2013: Doctoral consortium paper accepted at SIGIR ’13 , Dublin, Ireland