Networking and scholarship opportunities for women in computing fields

“Women in Technology” becomes a trending topic for many institutes and companies. Each year several activities and conferences take place around the world to encourage female students/researchers to the technological field.

Thanks to the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) and other organizations, Computer science becomes an active field in encouraging female researchers and providing opportunities for networking and scholarships. In this post, I list these opportunities for females in computing fields.

Some deadlines are already passed, but one can consider them for the next year :-)

1. Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing:

GHC is a very prestigious conference and is the worlds largest gathering of women in technology. Presenters of the conference are leaders in technological fields from industry, academia and government. Students and faculty members can apply for GHC scholarship to attend the conference.

GHC 2014 will be at October 8-10. Here is the link to the calendar of dates and deadlines:

2. The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: EMEA 

Female students in Computer Science, Informatics and related fields can apply for receiving scholarship (around  € 7,000) for an academic year. The scholarship recipients will be invited to attend the annual google networking retreat. The application deadline for 2014-2015 is now closed, but students can apply for 2015-2016 in the fall.

3. IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE): 

WIE is the largest professional organisation for women in technical fields. They provide a large variety of events and activities that help recruitment and retention of women.

Joining WIE is free for students who are member of IEEE. Here is detailed information on joining WIE:

It is also worth visiting their website and checking their programs.

One of their program that could be interesting to us is Local WIE Affinity Group. Affinity groups  are very good ways to interact and share knowledge in local area. WIE also provides supports for these groups such as free web site hosting and fundings. Detailed information on forming affinity groups and the befits can be found here:

4. N^2 Women:

A networking community for female researchers in communications and network fields. The community is supported by Microsoft, HP and IEEE communications society and holds women meetings at the conferences in the field.

N^2 offers fellowship that covers travels expenses of attending conference. Instead, the fellowship recipient should help to organise a meeting at that conference.